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What are Permanent dentures?
Permanent dentures are when something happens to the teeth such as decaying, accidents, illness, and etc. The Permanent dentures will replace the teeth and the patient will have new artificial teeth in his or her mouth. Permanent dentures aren’t considered removable due to the fact that it needs to be done in surgery and by a dental specialist or by an orthodontist. When it is all over, the patient can eat, speak, and smile again.

The Procedure Of Permanent Dentures
It will take time to get it done due to the fact it will take at least 3 weeks and 6 weeks max to officially start the permanent denture treatment. It will not be done in one office visit, there will be multiple appointments the patient will have to make in order to fulfill the outcome. There are three treatment steps that the patient will have to complete:

•The first treatment is called The Impressions. This is when the jaw and mouth will be examined. Measurement will be documented and if the place is technologically advanced, it will be digitally scanned multiple times.

•The second treatment is called The Models. This is basically when the dental specialist or dental technician will imitate the patient’s teeth. The dental specialist or dental technician will put wax into the mouth, if it’s technologically advanced, it will be done virtually by taking multiple pictures of the cameras. Once that section is over, there will check for any errors.

•The third treatment is called The Cast. This is the last step of the treatment and this is when to make any necessary changes or fixing to make.

It will now be installed in the gym. The patient will need to have strong and healthy gums, jaw, and strong bones for this procedure to work. The dental specialist or orthodontist will screw in the permanent dentures to the gums. The inflammation will go away and medication will be prescribed so infection can be prevented. The permanent dentures will create a natural appearance that it wouldn’t look like artificial teeth.

Once the procedure is completed, after the surgery the patient is required not to remove it and keep it on all the time including bedtime. This will determine that the artificial denture fits properly. After following the instructions, soon the patient will able to adapt toward the dentures. The permanent dentures will cost several thousand dollars and can cost more by the states. Some insurances can cover for it, the patient will have to check the insurance provider to see if it will be covered. If not, the patient will pay out-of-pocket or find another way to pay for it.