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Digital X-Rays


 Digital X-rays at incline family dentistry

Incline Family Dentistry is pleased to announce the introduction of Digital X-rays to our practice. 

Radiography (x-ray pictures) allows Dr. Barr to diagnose and treat problems not yet visible to the naked eye even before they become painful.  This can include early tooth decay, gum disease, infections, and abnormal growths. Now, state-of-the-art digital x-rays have made the technology even safer and more beneficial to patients and dental professionals alike.


Digital x-ray technology uses a small electronic sensor placed in the mouth to capture an image instead of the films you may have been used to.

The sensor transfers information immediately to the protected dental software for immediate viewing instead of having to process with toxic chemicals and long waiting times. Most importantly, they cut the amount of radiation exposure to the dental patient by as much as 90%. While faster x-ray films have been developed over the years that require less exposure, making that difference less dramatic, a digital x-ray still offers the lowest radiation dose possible.

Besides the elimination of toxic chemical processing and minimizing radiation exposure,

digital x-rays offer other advantages as well. Instead of a small film, digital x-rays provide a clearer picture of what is happening in your mouth. It is possible to get more information because they are sharper and can be enhanced in several ways. The contrast can be increased or decreased, and areas of concern can be magnified. It’s even possible to compare them on-screen to your previous x-rays, making even the smallest changes to your tooth structure easier to detect. Digital x-rays are also easier to store and share with your other providers if needed. They provide a better visual aide for you, the patient, to understand your diagnosis and treatment options. If you have questions about why an x-ray is being recommended for you, please feel free to ask.

We look forward to enhanced dental care and the advantages that digital x-rays bring to our patients.

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Laura S.

"My experience was amazing! Dr. Barr knew I was nervous having horrible past experiences with dental visits, so he made sure to explain everything that was going to happen before hand. He is very compasionate and gentle. I highly recommend him to everyone needing dental work."


Brandie H.

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Richard C.

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