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Dental Exams & Hygiene


Routine Dental Examinations

Everyone needs to have a routine dental examination every six months. During this visit, our dentist will check for any problems that may have occurred that will require treatment or repair. Some of the issues that we look for include finding small cavities in the earliest stages to drill the tooth and fill it with a color-matching substance. We can also repair a scratch or a chip on a tooth with a bonding substance that makes the damaged tooth look perfect again. Our dentist will also examine your face, neck, and the soft tissues of your mouth to find any abnormalities. Occasionally, a dentist might find a problem, such as a lump in the throat that requires an examination from another health care provider. An essential aspect of your exam is checking your gums for any evidence of gum disease. Some of the signs of gingivitis include exposed dental roots, bleeding gums, and swollen gum tissue. Fast treatment for gum disease can prevent the spread of infection that can lead to a loss of your teeth. 

Cleaning the Teeth 

While you may brush and floss your teeth carefully, it is still possible to have hardened plaque on some of the areas of your teeth. Our dental office has the tools required for removing the plaque that contains bacteria. With the removal of this substance, you are less likely to develop a cavity or gingivitis, and its removal can also improve your breath. Cleaning your teeth is usually painless, but if we need to remove any debris from the gum pockets around your teeth, then we can provide anesthesia to reduce your discomfort. Children who are afraid of the teeth-cleaning process can also receive sedation, making it easier to complete this procedure. 

Emergency Dental Examinations

 If you damage a tooth, then call our office right away for a new examination. Emergencies can include breaking or dislocating a tooth. You can save the dislocated tooth by wrapping it in a clean cloth, and you can also bring in a tooth’s chip to see if it is usable for a repair. Our dental office has office employees who will have your X-rays ready so that our dentist can examine your mouth to determine what type of procedure is required. It is often possible to insert a dislocated tooth into the socket before stabilizing it with wires that are attached to the surrounding teeth. Our dentist can perform additional teeth-saving procedures, such as a root canal or placing a customized dental crown over a damaged tooth. 

 Learning More about Caring for the Teeth and Gums

 We can help our patients to learn more about caring for the teeth and gums with proper brushing and flossing. For children, we have animated videos that help youngsters to understand how to hold and use a toothbrush along with using dental floss. Teenagers may need to learn how to care for their teeth while wearing braces or aligners. Adults can also benefit from learning more about oral hygiene to avoid having problems from receding gums or gum pockets around the teeth. 

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