3333 S Wadsworth Blvd

Unit D305, Lakewood, CO 80227

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The Lakewood Heritage Center is located in Lakewood, CO next to Incline Family Dentistry. This center does a great job at representing and showcasing the history of Lakewood and the changes that this city has gone through over time. It does a great job of letting visitors learn about the way that the city of Lakewood started and how it has become the city that it is today. The Lakewood Heritage Center is located in Belmar Park and Colorado Mills Shopping Mall. Belmar Park is known for its amazing scenery and trails that is has to offer. It is very convenient that this museum is located at Belmar Park because after your visit to the museum you can stop by and enjoy the scenery that Belmar Park has to offer. This Heritage museum has over 10,000 artifacts and structures that represent the city of Lakewood. Many people enjoy coming to visit this museum because they leave with a great knowledge of Colorado and the ways that it has changed and improved over time. This museum is a great place to spend a day with your family and help your children understand history. It is a great way to connect with history and the historical facts that come with it. The Lakewood Heritage Center has permanent exhibits that help highlight the main events that happened in the city of Lakewood, and this helps visitors better understand historic events. It has a rotating gallery makes the experience better for everyone because you can view the artifacts in a better way and learn more things about that period of time. This museum is also known to host events and special occasions. There is a number that you can call to ask any questions that you may need when it comes to organizing and hosting an event. Overall, the Lakewood Heritage Center is the perfect place for you and your family to learn and experience history. History is something that s important to learn more about and to understand. It gives us a better idea of how people lived before we had all of this modern and technological world. It is also important that we teach our children the importance of history and the impact that it has on our modern-day life today. This museum does an amazing job at being able to showcase all of the major events in history that happened in the city of Lakewood and it is guaranteed that you and your family will have a great time together.