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There are a lot of cosmetics in the dental industry. Sometimes the patients know what’s the best options for them, or will seek professional help to choose the best options. Here are the common cosmetics in the dental industry as long with the common problems that come with it:

Teeth Whitening. Teeth Whitening is the removal of stains, dirt, discoloration, or any other things that are causing the teeth not to be white. Even though bleaching the teeth can be harmless, there are some risks that can occur. The first problem that can occur is the sensitivity of the teeth. The teeth will react to the chemicals. The second problem is gum irritation. This happens when the chemicals touch the gums accidentally.

Veneer. A veneer is a tooth protector to cover the outer layer of the tooth. The first problem of veneer is that of damages, it needs to be replaced. The second problem is that patients might have to change what he or she eats or drinks to accommodate the veneer. The third problem is that veneer treatment can be quite expensive.

Dental Implants. Dental implants are a surgical procedure, usually the last options to choose from and it depends on the condition of the teeth. The first problem that can occur is that the dental implant can be installed incorrectly. The second problem that can occur is that infection can happen. The third problem can happen is damage or wounded blood vessels or the nearby area of the teeth. The fourth problem is an allergic reaction. This can be from anesthetic drugs or prescription medication that will be prescribed.

Dental Crowns. Dental Crown is used for several reasons such as too many cavities, irregular tooth-like chipped or cracked, root canal procedure, and to upgrade the appearance of the teeth. The first problem of Dental Crown is the crown can come off. It can be caused by decaying of the tooth, improperly installed, and etc. The second problem that can occur is an allergic reaction to the crown. Often the crown is made out of metal substances, and some patients can’t tolerate it. The third problem is the appearance of the crown. Sometimes the dental crown will display noticeable dark lines.

Dental Bonding. Dental Bonding is similar to veneers, dental bonding improves the appearance of the teeth. The first common problem is not long-lasting. It’s only a “quick fix”, inexpensive, and is done in one visit. The second common problem is not strong. It can crack, get dirty quickly, and even chipped very easily. Bonding is made of plastic.

Dental Fillings. Dental Fillings are to restore certain areas of the tooth. The first problem for dental fillings is pain. Patients often describe the pain like a toothache that won’t go. The second problem is Dental Fillings can be worn out. Constant chewing, talking, and drinking will break it down over time. The last problem is an allergic reaction to the metal substance.