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Incline Family Dentistry excitedly announces restorative dental care for both new and existing patients. Restorative dental care is a treatment that fixes damaged or missing teeth, restoring them to a beautiful finish.

Having a confident smile makes all the difference in a person’s life. When someone has dental issues, pain and embarrassment may cause self-esteem problems. Dental problems may also cause future health issues, such as depression, inflammation, and cardiovascular disorders.

Dental problems often occur because of missed check-ups. Many adults put off getting regular dental care. Fear, embarrassment or lack of financial resources often are the source behind missed dental care. Unfortunately, putting off regular check-ups may cause dental decay to worsen. What was once a small cavity may quickly turn into severe decay that reaches the root, necessitating a root canal and a crown.

Dr. Travis Barr works with his patients to fix these problems with restorative dental care. By removing the decay and filling in the tooth or placing a crown, both the health and self-esteem of the patient improve.

During the first visit, Dr. Barr carefully examines each patient. He takes the time to talk with each patient and gets to know them before making a treatment plan to fit their goals. Some patients may only require small fillings while other patients have decay severe enough to warrant tooth extraction and an implant. Whatever the case, Dr. Barr works with each one to prioritize concerns.

When it’s time for treatment, Dr. Barr ensures that each patient is comfortable before proceeding. Dr. Barr encourages his patients to stop if they need a moment before finishing the treatment. This helps reduce patient anxiety and makes the dental experience better for everyone.

Different restorative dental options are available depending on each patient’s needs. These options include:

  • Fillings: When there is a cavity, the tooth is drilled into, Dr. Barr removes the decay and a white, hard composite material is used to fill in the holes in the tooth.
  • Crowns: Severe decay may eat away too much of the surface of a tooth. A natural-looking crown or cap will be developed and placed over the tooth to protect it.
  • Bridges: Missing teeth may cause future gum and bone problems. Bridges place pressure on the gap of a missing tooth, helping to keep the gums and bones underneath healthy.
  • Implants: Dental implants are permanent fixtures that replace a missing tooth via a post placed in the gums with a crown on top.

No matter the situation or how long it’s been since a patient has been to the dentist, Dr. Barr can help. Schedule an appointment today and get started on achieving a new, beautiful, healthy smile.

Dr. Travis Barr gets an enormous amount of satisfaction as he fixes his patient’s teeth. He strives to develop relationships with his patients to get to know them as individuals. This relationship helps Dr. Barr better treat his patients. He believes that talking and listening to those he serves helps him to offer better dental care. Born and raised in Colorado, Dr. Barr is proud to treat those in his community with compassionate dental services.

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