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Dental fillings are commonly used to treat tooth cavities, cracks, and other deformities. The process involves removing damaged teeth, replacing each one with a special filling material.

You can use zinc, resin, plastic, silver, or gold as filling material, but these are often used for cosmetic purposes only.

Generally, the most common dental filling materials are:

  • Composite Fillings, a mixture of plastic and ceramic compounds. Orthodontists prefer using composite fillings for highly visible areas, such as the incisors because it is durable and blends well with the teeth. The insertion of these fillings is quick and painless—it only takes a few minutes to cure and harden the mixture using an ultraviolet (UV) light machine.
  • Indirect Fillings are used when the remaining parts of your teeth are too small to accommodate composite fillings. During the initial checkup, the orthodontist will take measurements of the damages to create an indirect filling that perfectly suits you. It usually takes two appointments to complete the process.

The Importance of Dental Fillings

Patients in need of dental fillings should never delay the necessary treatments. Fillings:

  • Stop Cavities from Spreading: Removing tooth decay and cavities the moment you spot them is crucial. The accumulation can spread quickly if you leave it, and not only will the treatment be more expensive, but it can cause severe pain over time.
  • Improve Teeth Function: Gaps and cracks prevent teeth from performing daily tasks, such as chewing.
  • Support Good Oral Health: Your teeth play a vital role in supporting oral health. If one tooth decays, your entire dental structure is at risk.
  • Prevent Further Issues: Advanced tooth fillings contain nutrients, such as fluoride, which strengthens and protects the teeth. The addition protects patients who are prone to teeth infections from further cavities.

After getting the cavities filled, patients should be careful with what they put into their mouths for the next four to seven days—too much strain on a fresh filling might crack it.

What Patients Can Expect

Being a family-oriented clinic, Incline Family Dentistry is experienced in dealing with first-timers suffering from anxiety and nervousness. Dental fillings are usually the first oral operations people go through, and even a middle-schooler might require dental fillings, depending on their oral health.

To ease anxiety, patients should know that:

  • dental fillings are painless
  • the team will be by your side throughout the procedure to ensure there’s nothing to worry about
  • if needed, the orthodontist can apply anesthetic to the affected area
  • the entire process will take as little as twenty minutes

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