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Incline Family Dentistry Creates Flawless Smiles With Custom Dental Crowns and Bridges

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Our team at Incline Family Dentistry is proud every time we run into one of our patients smiling in the community. We know how painful it can be to walk around with a smile that has a seriously damaged tooth or even one that is missing. Our dental crowns and bridges are made with durable materials that look and feel very much like your natural teeth.

We recommend dental crowns to cover up teeth that are weakened. Your teeth may become weaker after they have a large filling placed that leaves very little enamel. You may also need a crown after a root canal or if you experience a major fracture. Dental crowns prevent breakage and create a more aesthetically pleasing tooth that blends into your smile. We love being able to present patients with this option since it can save a tooth that may seem beyond saving.

What to Expect

When you come to our Incline Family Dentistry with a missing tooth, we still have many options for giving you back a confident smile. A dental bridge protects your mouth from potential damage that occurs when a tooth is lost. Bridges help to reduce bone loss in the area, and they keep your other teeth exactly where they are supposed to be for perfect alignment.

Bridges and crowns are usually placed in two visits. During your first visit, we prepare the involved teeth by removing any decay and building them up for the dental crown. We then take impressions of your mouth that are sent to the lab to create a bridge or crown that looks and fits naturally in your mouth. You will also play a part in this process by helping to select the materials that you prefer for your dental crown.

Full metal crowns are still an option that many patients find economical and strong enough to withstand the forces of chewing. However, we also offer ceramic or porcelain crowns that can be color-matched to look similar to your other teeth. We can also give you the best of both worlds by choosing a porcelain-fused to metal crown that looks like a natural tooth on the outside with the strength of metal lying just beneath the surface.

The crowns and bridges that we provide to our patients are exemplary compared to others that you might see. This is because Dr. Travis Barr personally inspects each crown and bridge to make sure that it arrives at our clinic exactly as we requested it to be made. After he places the crown or bridge, he then goes the extra mile to make sure that you like how it feels and know how to take care of it when you return home.

About Dr. Travis Barr

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Dr. Travis Barr’s extensive education and affiliation with professional organizations in the dental field helps him to provide the highest quality care possible to his patients. Yet, he also likes to make it clear that he believes that it is truly what happens in the chair that matters. Building relationships with his patients allows him to make sure that every service he provides is an improvement for their oral health. When you visit our clinic, you’ll see the difference that having a dentist who cares about your personal satisfaction makes when it comes to selecting a beautiful crown or bridge.