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Hiking in the Hills of Green Mountain

William F. Hayden Park, located in Lakewood, Colorado, right around the corner from top-rated dentist Dr. Travis Barr, exists as one of the premier destinations for hiking in the Centennial State. The park is almost as much of a donation, as it is a purchase – given by the Hayden family in 1972. This massive park is home to numerous ways of experiencing the beauty that nature in Lakewood offers, and is friendly to families and lone hikers alike. The park offers a large number of parking areas, restrooms, and trails for bike riders and hikers. This destination is a great place to bring your family for a picnic and relaxing day in the warm sun – or, for the winter, in the spectacular Colorado snow. Nearby is the Lakewood Heritage Center. The open space within this park is the second largest in the state and covers over 2,400 acres of beautiful Colorado wilderness – and features a multitude of scenic trails. Even for the average visitor, the hikes are a great way to view the expanse of Lakewood and the surrounding areas. The mountain peak stands at 6,800 feet to the summit and is only a 2-hour hike from the open space. Once there, at the top of the trails, look out for the sprawling trails connecting the tips of the surrounding hills. The trail there, leads to the true summit of the Green Mountain, giving the best view in the park. On the way up to the summit, it is not hard to catch a glimpse of the abundant wildlife, either. The park is home to a vast array of different creatures who inhabit the green hills. Coyotes roam the park, occasionally seen by hikers in the space; mountain lions also live within the hills but are rarely seen by visitors. More often than not, you will easily spot the large groups of mule deer roaming the open space, or even further down by the city of Lakewood. One of the most beautiful species of animal is the Bluebird. These little birds, of gorgeous blue hues, make for vibrant photos and spectacular memories of the wildlife viewing experiences in William F. Hayden Park. So, come, stay awhile, and take in the overwhelming beauty of one of the largest park spaces in the Centennial State, of Colorado. Give yourself the view of the City of Lakewood, from the summit of the Green Mountain. Take a bike ride over the vibrant rolling hills. Overall, enjoy all the wonder that nature has to offer, in William F. Hayden, Green Mountain Park.