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Anything can happen to someone’s teeth, sometimes the oral health can be in excellent standing. People just sometimes just what an enhancement that will change everything in the mouth. Reasons can be decaying of the teeth, injury, illnesses, and etc. The person seeking full-mouth restoration cosmetic dentistry, might not see a dentist (it all depends on the procedure), he or she will probably see another type of dental specialist.

Before exploring which treatment to get, he or she will need to examine to find which is the best route to go. If the patient has any teeth issue, veneer, molars, crowns, dental implants, or dental bridges, one will be chosen as a result. In addition, the dentist will also inspect the appearance of the teeth. This basically means if there any damages such as cracks, chipped, decaying, cavities, if one tooth is bigger than the other, and etc.

If the patient has any gum issues, the patient will have to do an in-depth procedure. This happens if the patient has periodontal disease (swollen gums that result in losing teeth) and will have more than one doctor visit. The dental specialist will have to reconstruct the jaw and the gums. The dental specialist will also have to frequently look for the density of the jawbones, tissues of the gums, and any other potential crisis.

If the patient has more than a moderate issue such as muscles, blood vessels, nerves, or anything else, a full-mouth restoration will definitely be needed. The common sign is when someone is chewing and there is a nagging pain, go seek professional help. Realignment treatments and other full-mouth restoration will be the outcome. The dentist or dental specialist will also do all the necessary measurements for proper fitting.

Depending on how technologically advanced the dental office, the dentist or dental specialist will have to take pictures, 3D imaging, X-Ray, molding, and so much more. The cost of cosmetic dentistry can vary by the states and can be expensive procedure. Not all insurances will cover for the full mouth restoration treatment. The potential patient might need another route to pay for treatment, such as paying out of pocket, loan, any other third-party, and etc.

Here are the distinctive treatments for a full mouth restoration:

•All-On-Four. This is done by surgery and the patient can’t remove it.
•Clear braces/traditional braces. The clear braces offer more flexibility as compared to the traditional metal braces. There are different types of metal braces for different needs as compared to clear braces.
•Single-Tooth-Implant. This is a surgical treatment and replaces each tooth in the mouth.
•Teeth Shaving. To reduce the length of the teeth and shape. Can also add add-one such as crowns or veneers.
•Grafting the tissue or bones. This is basically to increase the firmness of the teeth.
•Hybrid full-mouth restoration. Only for short term and quick fixes.
Dental implants. Different kinds of it, very expensive, but, can last a long time and is very strong.